I have always enjoyed telling stories. I find ideas everywhere – a random conversation I hear passing by someone, people meeting in a bus stop, strange shapes in clouds or shadows… there are stories everywhere around us.

I make films, I take pictures, I write novels, stories and scripts… I enjoy any type of storytelling.

How did it start then?

I started to write short stories and poems when I was seven years old. At the age of nine I wrote a short fairytale about an angel who’s trying to find his way home to the heaven. When I was twelve, it became my first published book in Latvia, my home country.

By 2016 I was one of the youngest publishing authors in Europe with seven books published in Latvian, one book published in English and a few short stories or articles published in various other books or magazines.

Words and sentences have always come easy to write for me. I’ve never struggled with essays or reports – the only problem is to stick to the wordcount because I always have a lot more to say than I can. Despite being Latvian, I have developed my English to a fluent level and I’ve helped many other people to write and edit their stories, novels, scripts, essays and articles.

However, my favourite form of storytelling is filmmaking. I remember spending days watching behind the scenes footage for all the films I watched as a teenager and thinking “I wish I could make films”. And then I realised. I can.

Since then I’ve been learning and gaining experience as an independent filmmaker. From a fourty minute adaption of my fantasy book to a YouTube channel (now private) with short films based on my and others’ stories, to finally starting my first “official” short films… I have learnt and developed my skills in many filmmaking areas, such as directing, writing, filming and editing.

And I know this is just the beginning.

There are a lot more stories I want to tell.